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Apps stores are flooded with countless titles in every category, and getting your product under the spotlight can be a real pickle.
We talk directly with developers to select their apps and gamese and arrange exclusive deals for our userbase.
Loyal users engage with myAppFree daily, to find new bargains and discover new apps & games that we select.

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Reach the most exclusive spot on myAppFree

"App of the Day" is the most wanted spot on myAppFree.
Every day, our Berserker chooses a new paid app to bring to the top, giving it max visibility to our userbase. This app stays under the spotlight for 3 days, enjoying new installs from our entire platform (discovery app and website, mailing, socials, blogs, and many more).

During these days, the boost to the download count is huge, counting thousands of new users.

It's an easy-to-set service and an exclusive deal that we arrange directly with developers.

Becoming App of the Day is quick and easy: get selected today!


Go live on myAppFree platform through Promocodes

While Berserker is a quick and powerful solution to increase your app's installs, Ranger prefers to play the long game. MyAppFree platform stretches around and over our discovery app, going from mailing to promotions on socials and collaborations with blogs and industry's sites.

All you have to do is providing us with Promocodes for Free Downloads or in-app purchases, for one or more of your apps, and the Ranger will gladly convey them on our grid!

It's that easy, and requires no effort to start.
There's no quantity or time limit to the promocodes you can provide us, it's completely up to you.

Send your app on myAppFree platform!


Flexible growth with Paid Installs

Do you prefer having total freedom and control over your apps' growth? Do you need a dedicated team to support you in quickly deploying the best campaign possible for your product? Then Paladin is your to-go solution.

Through your personal dashboard, you'll be able to choose and set the publisher you prefer across our platform, and gain installs only by premium users with high retention.

Paladin will be tailored around your budget, and with our safe CPI model, you will only pay what you'll get.

Begin to get users that worth

What's the catch?

Sometimes, we are asked "Where's the trick in your services?"

We want to offer amazing developers a way to bring new attention to their apps & games in a crowded market, where quality content is often put in shadow by the overwhelming quantity of titles.

Our proposition is for MyAppFree to be an engaging discovery platform for our users, and we are doing so by adding new, exclusive content every day by great developers like you!

Selecting new, quality apps and games every day.
That's the catch.

Latest case history

Dark Guardians

Dark Guardians


Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2

82.000 download

Portal Dogs

Portal Dogs


edjing Pro

edjing Pro


Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD

Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD

21.000 download




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